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Accelerate Your Sales® 90-Day sales boot camp                                                 

Entrepreneurs, Startups, & Emerging Sales Professionals

Accelerate Your Message
Clarifying audience, articulating your value, strategic pricing, crafting effective messaging & building confidence. 

Accelerate Your Method
Discovering needs & wants, making compelling proposals, getting started with new clients.

Accelerate Your Mindset
Developing the mindset for sales success, preparing & prioritizing activities, improving communication.

Accelerate Your Sales Team™                                        

Coaching for Sales Leaders & Managers

A 12-week sales leadership course curriculum focusing on:

Define and Develop Your Leadership Style

Successful Coaching for Managers + Leaders

Difficult Conversations: Managing Conflict

Building and Developing Your Team



Accelerate Your Sales COnversations™ 


Discover Your Sales Style: ONE HOUR WORKSHOP

The Psychology of the Sale: How to Communicate with Influence

Would you like to have more confidence with prospective clients, gaining trust and creating long-term relationships? Studies show that customers value & pay more for the way you make them feel. The key is understanding your unique selling style to better relate to your potential and existing clients.  

This 1-hour workshop helps you discover your personal sales strengths, improve your communication with influence and impact to accomplish your sales & business goals.

Understanding Your Sales Style: THREE hour Workshop

The Psychology of the Sale: How to Network with Influence + Impact

A recent survey found that 80 percent of buyers don’t think the salespeople they deal with even understand their business. So those who learn how to exercise emotional intelligence + compassion will gain a competitive edge over others.

The key is understanding your selling style to better relate to your potential and existing clients.  

Join us for this 3-hour workshop to dig deeper with a personalized assessment to help you learn more about your key personal sales strengths, confidently improve your networking, negotiating & communication with influence and impact to accomplish your sales & business goals. 


  • Identify and understand your signature sales/consulting styles

  • Identify, recognize, and understand your prospect's priorities and buying styles

  • Adapt your consulting/sales style and close the gap with your prospect’s & client’s buying styles, spending less time "selling" & more time doing what you love- serving the client!

Workshop include Personalized Assessment, Profile + Sales Style Guide Workbook.

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Accelerate Your Sales Team™

Great for corporate, offsite meetings or sales events

Sales and Customer Experience
No two customers are exactly alike. So why approach them the same way?
As a customer, you know how frustrating it is to be on the receiving end of a well-intentioned but completely unconvincing sales pitch.  Great sales and customer service representatives know how to read a customer’s personality type, and can adapt their own personality style to better match the needs of that customer. 

By using DiSC assessments and reports to understand the personality styles and predictable behaviors of the people to which you’re selling, you’ll be able to adjust your approach to suit each individual customer. Similarly, understanding your own personality allows you to control the dynamics of your interaction with clients and make adjustments that will ultimately lead to more sales and better customer relations.
Using DISC analysis to mold and adapt sales techniques so that they are tailored to the client’s personality-based needs, interests, and fears is the key to closing deals.
Our field-tested and independently-validated DISC sales and customer service solutions include:

• DISC Sales Style Reports for identifying your instinctive selling style
• Proven techniques for becoming a more effective seller
• Strategies for improving communication with clients
• Hiring tools to help you assess and rank job applicants for sales and customer service positions
• Comprehensive DISC courses for personal growth or use in training seminars

Become “people literate” and increase your bottom line with sales and customer service solutions. Our products can meet any need, no matter how big or small. They are useful for individuals in the field looking to increase their performance, or for companies seeking training opportunities for their staff.

For more information on your customer style, your instinctive sales style, or how to become the sales representative your customer needs you to be, contact us today.

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