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What do you want to achieve? 

Executive Solutions is Sales + Leadership Development Consulting firm that specializes in business development, optimization and strategy. A unique blend of coaching, consulting and training to help our clients align their goals & leadership talent.

Our goal is to help you achieve yours.



Executive Solutions uses various assessments such as the DiSC®, CVI™ (Core Values Index), & StrengthsFinder™ along with conducting interviews, and on-site observation to provide a comprehensive analysis of needs.


We help identify training and coaching processes to take yourself and your team to the next level. 


Confidante. Trusted Advisor. Sharer of Goals, Ambitions & Success. Executive Solutions is your partner in achieving personal and business objectives.


We help individuals and teams take their goals from tactical to practical for maximum results.

Our Services:

Accelerate Your Sales® Coaching + Training

Accelerate Your Team™ Workshops

1-Page Sales Plan™ 90 Day Goals Workshop

JUMPSTART Your Sales™ 90 Day Bootcamp 

What our fans are saying:

Before I started working with Robyn as my sales coach, I underestimated the impact it would have accelerating my sales skills. Robyn is an incredible listener and tactful in her approach. Through the past few months working together, she has been my secret weapon in navigating difficult workplace dynamics, sales process improvement, and providing critical feedback essential to my personal development.

— Rachel R. | Western Regional Sales Manager
I had found success in every area of my business except the one that really mattered – sales. With no roadmap to begin and little confidence to more forward, I felt stuck until I connected with Robyn. I can’t emphasize how quickly she was able to coach me to success, allowing me to draw out my unique talents and leapfrog past my competitors. Robyn has mastered what sales success looks like in the modern age and boiled it down to simple steps for fast and effective learning. She is a true sales master.
— Mark Tucker | Director of Training & Development | Powerhouse, Inc.
Robyn was a reliable source of sales strategy and support in our first year at Pregame. It was so valuable to work with her — she helped me take the fear and “ick factor” out of sales. It means a lot to be able to trust an adviser like Robyn for the most crucial parts of my business.
— Ciara Pressler | Business + Marketing Strategist | Pregame HQ

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